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Evanston history


Northwestern University was actually founded before the City itself. In 1855, Northwestern opened its door for the first time. The founders of Northwestern, submitted to the county judge their plans for a city and their wish to rename the town Evanston in 1854. In 1847, the town of Evanston was named.

After the Civic War, Evanston saw a huge economic and population boom. Between 1860 and 1870, the population quadrupled. Evanston continue to grow and remain independent of Chicago. The City became known for its architecture and beautiful homes on the lake.



The City of Evanston is home to approximately 75,000 residents and located just north of of Chicago. Bordering Lake Michigan and home to Northwestern University and Rotary International, Evanston's unique beauty and character delights visitors and residents of all ages. With a vision to create the most livable city in America, Evanston celebrates the diversity of its opportunities and residents. 

Evanston activities


Evanston offers a wide variety of summer concerts, indoor and outdoor markets, block parties, Juneteenth parade, Taste of Evanston, Halloween festivities, Menorah lighting and much more. Be sure to check out the calendar of events on the city of Evanston website found here!

Evanston is a very convenient area. Some daily errands in this area require a car but many major services are within 1 mile.
Evanston is near a variety of outdoor activities.
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